Master Tesia

Analysis, Optimization and Development of an Answer Scoring System
Iñigo Lopez-Gazpio
Abstract The main contribution of this work is to analyze and describe the state of the art performance as regards answer scoring systems from the SemEval- 2013 task, as well as to continue with the development of an answer scoring system (EHU-ALM) developed in the University of the Basque Country. On the overall this master thesis focuses on finding any possible configuration that lets improve the results in the SemEval dataset by using attribute engineering techniques in order to find optimal feature subsets, along with trying different hierarchical configurations in order to analyze its performance against the traditional one versus all approach. Altogether, throughout the work we propose two alternative strategies: on the one hand, to improve the EHU-ALM system without changing the architecture, and, on the other hand, to improve the system adapting it to an hierarchical con- figuration. To build such new models we describe and use distinct attribute engineering, data preprocessing, and machine learning techniques.
Montse Maritxalar Anglada