NLP resources in Basque

NLP resources


Research Groups


Client Companies

  • This software development firm is specialized in software for predictive text entry on handheld devices. This company purchased us lexical information for Basque.
  • The IXA Group adapted to Basque a text generation program for weather forecast.
  • The spelling checker integrated in Office for Basque is one of our products. This integration has been implemented by the IXA Group and Hizkia.

Collaborating Companies

  • This company is dedicated to making the Internet a truly global experience through internationalization and localization services
  • Information management and comunication for companies.
  • It provides R+D+I solutions to companies and entities focused on the knowledge management and the application of Information Technologies
  • R&D company related with Basque Processing
  • This newspaper collaborates with the IXA Group building text corpora. It uses tools developed by our group.
  • Company related with Basque Processing. Hizkia colaborates with the IXA Group in the spelling checker.
  • Working on both Galician and Language Technology
  • Irion Technologies is a company that develops intelligent software to improve the quality of retrieval for everybody who uses the web.
  • It colaborates with IXA Group in the development of a lemmatization-based web-crawler.
  • This institute has collaborated with Ixa Group in many projects (Spelling Checker, Lexical Database...)
  • This group colaborates with IXA group in developping the machine translation systems in the OpenTrad platform (Spanish–Catalan, Spanish–Galician, Spanish–Basque). They developped MT systems interNOSTRUM (Spanish–Catalan), and Traductor Universia (Spanish–Portuguese).
  • The association of Basque Country companies belonging to the Language Industry sector
  • An applied research centre working in the area of interactive computer graphics and digital multimedia. Between the main research activities of VICOMTech are in interactive digital television, multi-lingual conversational interfaces based upon 3D Avatars for education, entertainment, and on-line information services.