IXA Group, in collaboration with students

If you are studying an undergraduate or a master degree in Computer Science and you are interested in big data, deep learning, natural language processing or application development (servers, clusters, GPU...) get in touch with us, and you will have the opportunity to work on these areas either to carry out research or to collaborate with companies in the area of natural language processing.

We offer:

Summer jobs beginning in June (students of the third year of the degree), which may be suitable as a starting point to final degree projects. Sign up before March 30.


    At Undergraduate level:

  • Scholarships (Basque Government, Spanish Government...)
  • Final Projects (see list here)
  • The optional subject Language Processing (LP)

At Master level:

  • Job opportunities for Master students, which may be suitable as the starting point of master theses and doctoral research.
  • Other scholarships for Master programs: EHU/UPV, Basque Government, Spanish Government…
  • Scholarships for doctoral studies, more than 60 theses have been defended in the Ixa Group

We look for students...:

  • with initiative and interested in research
  • interested in advanced programming techniques and mathematical methods

    Information: ixa.eus


    Contacts: ixa.administratzailea@ehu.eus