Research lines

Members of Ixa Group pursue research in a broad variety of topics.
We present them gouped into four sets: Applications, Linguistic Processors, Linguistic Resources, and Integration of Language Tools.
See below the links to the list of papers, to a present project, and to a demo related to each of these topics.

Language Technology Applications

Information Retrieval, Information Extraction and Question Answering

Papers; Projects: Kyoto, paths, Lcloud, opener, skater and Know2; Demo: Ihardetsi (QA system)

Machine Translation

Papers; Project: OpenMT-2, Tacardi, qtleap; Demo: Opentrad-Matxin (Spanish to Basque MT system)

Language learning

Papers; Project: Irakazi

Linguistic processors


Papers; Project: BER2TEK; Demos: Morfeus, Eustagger


Papers; Project: BER2TEK; Demos: Zatiak (chunker), Maltixa (statistical parser)


Papers; Project: Kyoto and Know2; Demos: Know2's demos, Eihera (name entities)

Linguistic Resources


Papers; Project: Lexikoaren behatokia ; Demos: ZT, Ancora-EPEC , EuSemcor


Papers; Project: BER2TEK; Demos: EDBL (lexical database), Xuxen (spelling checker)


Papers; Project: Kyoto, Know2 and WNTERM; Demo: Basque Wordnet

Integration of Language Tools (SGML, XML)


Papers; Project: IMLT