NUBes: A Corpus of Negation and Uncertainty in Spanish Clinical Texts.

This paper introduces the first version of the NUB ES corpus (Negation and Uncertainty annotations in Biomedical texts in Spanish). The corpus is part of an on-going research and currently consists of 29,682 sentences obtained from anonymised health records annotated with negation and uncertainty. The article includes an exhaustive comparison with similar corpora in Spanish, and presents the main annotation and design decisions. Additionally, we perform preliminary experiments using deep learning algorithms to validate the annotated dataset. As far as we know, NUB ES is the largest publicly available corpus for negation in Spanish and the first that also incorporates the annotation of speculation cues, scopes, and events.
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Lima S., PĂ©rez-Miguel N., Cuadros M. and Rigau G.
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Proceedings of the 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC'20). Marseille, France. 2020.
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