Deskribapen laburra: 
Environment for text tagging
EULIA is an environment that implements an extensible, component-based
software architecture to integrate natural language processors. EULIA
integrates any language processor which follow AWA, the Annotation Web
Architecture (Artola et al., 2010). The main functions of EULIA are the
- Search, queries and analysis of results.
- Submission of texts to be analyzed.
- Consultation and browsing of the linguistic annotations attached to texts.
- Manual disambiguation of analysis results.
- Manual annotation facilities.
- Suitable encoding for new linguistic annotations and content.
- User customization.
The environment is designed as a tool for both linguists and common
users. It facilitates disambiguation tasks to linguists ---it provides them
with a web-based graphical interface with hypertextual facilities and an
intuitive color schema---, working on the input text and on its
corresponding annotation web. In the case of ambiguous interpretations, it
offers the possibility of marking the correct ones, thus discarding the
Corpus annotation and searching. Manual disambiguation. Analysis creation.
Java, C++ (LibIxaml)
Different projects funded by the Basque government and the Spanish R&D agency.
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