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A web application to analyse syntactic variation of Basque dialects
BASYQUE (Base de Données Syntaxique Basque) is the web application we have developed to store, organize, manage and search for all the information concerning dialectal variation in Basque speaking areas, and specifically, in the North-Eastern Basque dialects. In order to collect and analyze data, we define some specific questionnaires. Each questionnaire tackles a linguistic phenomenon that undergoes syntactic variation. Those questionnaires are conducted to some informants of different age range who are selected from several locations of the Northern Basque Country. We record their answers and collect the recorded examples as well as their corresponding information in a database. All these data, which can be consulted in BASYQUE, constitute the main source of information of this project.
However, apart from the information obtained by means of specific questionnaires, this web application also includes examples collected in the free speeches that have been recorded in other projects (section 3.2.) and examples found in literary corpora (section 3.3.). This way, BASYQUE becomes a very rich and representative basis for the analysis of the syntactic variation in the Northern Basque dialects. In this manual, you will find detailed information about the functionalities that this application offers to search for information as well as to manage (to store, update or remove) data related to syntactic variation.
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