Language Report Basque

Since 1968 Basque has been immersed in a process of revitalisation that has faced formidable obstacles. Nonetheless, significant progress has been made in numerous areas. The Language Technology community widely accepts the standard-

Enabling additional official languages in the EU for 2025 with language-centred Artificial Intelligence

This special issue of 'De Europa' journal is the outcome of an interdisciplinary multilingual reflection carried out on research into linguistic rights, multilingualism and language varieties in Europe in the age of artificial intelligence. Its aim was to investigate more generally the negative and/or positive outcomes of AI on language varieties and multilingualism, the latter a key value for the EU.

Report on the Basque Language. European Language Equality

This report on the Basque Language is part of a series of language deliverables developed within the framework of the European Language Equality (ELE) project. The series seeks to not only delineate the current state of affairs for each European language, but to additionally identify the gaps and factors that hinder further development in research and technology.


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