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MEDIA team at the CLEF-2020 MultilingualInformation Extraction Task

The aim of this paper is to present our approach (MEDIA)on the CLEF-2020 eHealth Task 1. The task consists in automatically assigning ICD10 codes (CIE-10, in Spanish) to clinical case documents,evaluating the prediction against manually generated ICD10 codifications. Our system took part in two different subtasks: one corresponding to Diagnosis Coding (CodiEsp-D) and the other to Procedure Coding(CodiEsp-P).

Using External Knowledge to Improve Zero-shot Action Recognition in Egocentric Videos

Zero-shot learning is a very promising research topic. For a vision-based action recognition system, for instance, zero-shot learning allows to recognise actions never seen during the training phase. Previous works in zero-shot action recognition have exploited in several ways the visual appearance of input videos to infer actions. Here, we propose to add external knowledge to improve the performance of purely vision-based systems. Specifically, we have explored three different sources of knowledge in the form of text corpora.


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