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EusDisParser: improving an under-resourced discourse parser with cross-lingual data

Development of discourse parsers to annotate the relational discourse structure of a text is crucial for many downstream tasks. However, most of the existing work focuses on English, assuming a quite large dataset. Discourse data have been annotated for Basque, but training a system on these data is challenging since the corpus is very small. In this paper, we create the first parser based on RST for Basque, and we investigate the use of data in another language to improve the performance of a Basque discourse parser.

Towards discourse annotation and sentiment analysis of the Basque Opinion Corpus

Discourse information is crucial for a better understanding of the text structure and it is also necessary to describe which part of an opinionated text is more relevant or to decide how a text span can change the polarity (strengthen or weaken) of other spans by means of coherence relations. This work presents the first results on the annotation of the Basque Opinion Corpus using Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST).

Saying no but meaning yes: negation and sentiment analysis in Basque

In this work, we have analyzed the effects of negation on the semantic orientation in Basque. The analysis shows that negation markers can strengthen, weaken or have no effect on sentiment orientation of a word or a group of words. Using the Constraint Grammar formalism, we have designed and evaluated a set of linguistic rules to formalize these three phenomena. The results show that two phenomena, strengthening and no change, have been identified accurately and the third one, weakening, with acceptable results.

A Hybrid Approach For Automatic Disability Annotation

DIANN izeneko atazaren helburua biomedikuntzako ikerketako testuetan ezintasunak automatikoki detektatzean datza (adibidez, "ikusmenaren galera", "dementzia" etab.). Ezintasun hauek ezeztatuta egon daitezke ("dementziarik gabeko gaixoetan...") eta bai ezeztatutako baita ezeztatu gabeko ezintasunak, ingelesezko eta gaztelerazko Elsevier-eko 500 artikulu-laburpenetan detektatu behar dira. Ixa taldeak ataza honetan sistemarik hoberena aurkeztu du Ibereval 2018an.


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