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The massive use of Internet has increased the need for the automatic treatment of language. For example, in order to select correctly the information we are interested in, it is essential to treat it linguistically.

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But... how do these applications work? If you are a computer scientist or an engineer, which are the basic computer tools in those fields? How can these applications be integrated in other applications or in the web?

If you are a philologist or a linguist, how do you use your linguistic knowledge in those fields? Lexicon, grammar, sense? How do you make automatically the morphological, syntactic and semantic analysis which are necessary for those applications?

Basque Government has chosen Linguistic InfoEngineering among its strategic research lines. New researchers to work on research and development in those lines (computer scientists and linguists) are needed.

We have been offering these courses since 2001-02.

Are you interested in immersing yourself in the world of Language Technology with us?