Natural Language Processing and Research: Documentation and Communication

This course introduces and elaborates a research publication design and production process that is intended to make the business of preparing good quality research publication submissions more explicit, more controllable, more efficient, and thus more effective.
The course is designed to teach what to do (and occasionally what not to do) in all the basic tasks and activities that make up doing research in scientific, engineering, design, and many other fields of research. It aims to teach the foundations of good research research practices.
The main goal is to apply the main concepts of the research methodology.
The students will learn on: the design of a dissemination plan, the development of a paper, the design of resources, the design of a poster, the definition of a Thesis, the main ethical issues in research.

1.- Foundations of Research Practices
 1.1 Building a Critical State of the Art for Research
 1.2 Designing and Producing a Publication Submission
 1.3 Designing and Preparing an Oral Presentation

2.- Tools and information resources
 2.1 The University Library catalogue and services
 2.2 Databases and electronic resources
 2.3 Bibliography management tools (citation or reference management tools)
 2.4 Open access publishing, repositories...

3.- Disseminating research findings
 3.1 Communication and dissemination plan
 3.2 Conference
 3.3 Journal
 3.4 Others
 3.5 Use case
 3.6 Application

4.- Resources
 4.1 Types
 4.2 Databases
 4.3 Software/Hardware
 4.4 Others
 4.5 Licences/Patents
 4.6 Application

5.- Research projects
 5.1 Types
 5.2 Designing and developing a project proposal
 5.3 Management of a project proposal
 5.4 Result management
 5.5 Communication and dissemination
 5.6 Application

6.- Ethical Issues
 6.1 General Ethical Issues
 6.2 Resources
 6.3 Application

7.- Doctoral Thesis
 7.1 Types
 7.2 Resources
 7.3 Phases
 7.4 Process management
 7.5 Defence
 7.6 Application

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