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Teknologia, testuinguru digitala eta konpetentzia digitalak hezkuntzan

Teknologiaren garapenak ez du etenik. Badirudi hainbat motako datuen bilketa (eta hein batean jakintza) negozio bihurtu dela eta enpresa handien eta pribatuen esku nabarmen geratzen ari dela. Datuen bilketa eta garapen mota horrek gure identitate digitala (eta bestelakoa) arriskuan jar dezake eta oro har arrakala digitala areagotu egin du, eremu publikoaren edo jendartearen esku dauden aukerak eta baliabideak murrizten direlako.

Detection of Reading Absorption in User-Generated Book Reviews: Resources Creation and Evaluation

To detect how and when readers are experiencing engagement with a literary work, we bring together empirical literary studies and
language technology via focusing on the affective state of absorption. The goal of our resource development is to enable the detection
of different levels of reading absorption in millions of user-generated reviews hosted on social reading platforms. We present a corpus
of social book reviews in English that we annotated with reading absorption categories. Based on these data, we performed supervised,

Linguistic Appropriateness and Pedagogic Usefulness of Reading Comprehension Questions

Automatic generation of reading comprehension questions is a topic receiving growing interest in the NLP community, but there is currently no consensus on evaluation metrics and many approaches focus on linguistic quality only while ignoring the pedagogic value and appropriateness of questions. This paper overcomes such weaknesses by a new evaluation scheme where questions from the questionnaire are structured in a hierarchical way to avoid confronting human annotators with evaluation measures that do not make sense for a certain question.

Domain Adapted Distant Supervision for Pedagogically Motivated Relation Extraction

In this paper we present a relation extraction system that given a text extracts pedagogically motivated relation types, as a previousstep to obtaining a semantic representation of the text which will make possible to automatically generate questions for reading comprehension. The system maps pedagogically motivated relations with relations from ConceptNet and deploys Distant Supervisionfor relation extraction. We run a study on a subset of those relationships in order to analyse the viability of our approach.


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