A Framework for the Evaluation of SUMO-Based Ontologies Using WordNet

This paper offers a new practical approach toward automated commonsense reasoning with first-order logic (FOL) SUMO-based ontologies. We propose a new black-box evaluation framework for SUMO-based ontologies, which exploits the world knowledge encoded in WordNet and its mapping into SUMO. Our proposal consists of both a novel semi-automatic method for the creation of a large set of commonsense problems and a new procedure that enables its automatic evaluation by using automated theorem provers (ATPs).

Automatic white-box testing of first-order logic ontologies

Formal ontologies are axiomatizations in a logic-based formalism. The development of formal ontologies is generating considerable research on the use of automated reasoning techniques and tools that help in ontology engineering. One of the main aims is to refine and to improve axiomatizations for enabling automated reasoning tools to efficiently infer reliable information. Defects in the axiomatization cannot only cause wrong inferences, but can also hinder the inference of expected information, either by increasing the computational cost of or even preventing the inference.


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