Ixa is a research group from the University of the Basque Country which works in the area of Natural Language Processing. In this website, you can find information about the group members, our publications, the projects we are currently working on, and the linguistic resources and products created at the group. Information about the postgraduate studies we offer, HAP/LAP and EMLCT, can also be found here. See full presentation text.

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RT @kepasarasola: Miren Dobaran: Euskararen presentzia eremu digitalean handitzea da euskararen erabilera zabaltzeko neurri garrantzitsu ba…
“Es urgente aplicar la tecnología del lenguaje para hacer efectivo el ‘big data’ sobre datos sanitarios”
Today 12:00: Talk: Neural Networks and Linguistics. Talking Past Each Other? Mans Hulden, 2018-11-08 @MagnusManske

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