Towards discourse annotation and sentiment analysis of the Basque Opinion Corpus

Discourse information is crucial for a better understanding of the text structure and it is also necessary to describe which part of an opinionated text is more relevant or to decide how a text span can change the polarity (strengthen or weaken) of other spans by means of coherence relations. This work presents the first results on the annotation of the Basque Opinion Corpus using Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST). Our evaluation results and analysis show us the main avenues to improve on a future annotation process. We have also extracted the subjectivity of several rhetorical relations and the results show the effect of sentiment words in relations and the influence of each relation in the semantic orientation value.
Jon Alkorta, Koldo Gojenola, Mikel Iruskieta
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Proceedings of Discourse Relation Parsing and Treebanking (DISRPT2019), pages 144–152. Minneapolis, MN, June 6, 2019. ACL

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