Adapting TimeML to Basque: Event Annotation

Begoña Altuna, Maria Jesús Aranzabe, Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza

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CICLing is GGS Class 3

The two-volume set LNCS 9623 + 9624 constitutes revised selected papers from the CICLing 2016 conference which took place in Konya, Turkey, in April 2016.

The total of 89 papers presented in the two volumes was carefully reviewed and selected from 298 submissions. The book also contains 4 invited papers and a memorial paper on Adam Kilgarriff’s Legacy to Computational Linguistics.

The papers are organized in the following topical sections:

Part I: In memoriam of Adam Kilgarriff; general formalisms; embeddings, language modeling, and sequence labeling; lexical resources and terminology extraction; morphology and part-of-speech tagging; syntax and chunking; named entity recognition; word sense disambiguation and anaphora resolution; semantics, discourse, and dialog.

Part II: machine translation and multilingualism; sentiment analysis, opinion mining, subjectivity, and social media; text classification and categorization; information extraction; and applications.

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In Gelbukh A. (eds.) Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing. CICLing 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, vol 9624), 565-577. Springer, Cham. DOI; Print ISBN 978-3-319-75486-4; Online ISBN 978-3-319-75487-1

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Print ISBN 978-3-319-75486-4; Online ISBN 978-3-319-75487-1
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María Jesús Aranzabe, Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza

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