Deskribapen laburra: 
Lexical database of the Quechua language
Egileak (ixakideak ez direnak): 
Hugo Joel Quispe Onofre
Esteka (orokorra): 
The Lexical Database of Quechua (QLDB) stores linguistic information of the words used in the language. The database aims to overcome the barrier of dialects, considering each of the dialects that may be collected. Likewise, information from the database will be used to create future resources such as a spell checker, morphological analyzer, and automatic translators between different dialects, among others.
In the design and implementation of the QLDB, we have used the experience acquired during the years in the construction of EDBL, the lexical database of Basque. Basque language shares some features with Quechua, especially its agglutinative character.
Initially the database has been filled with the lexical information of the morphological analyzer developed by Annette Rios (Finite-State Techniques Applying to a Native American Language: Quechua. 2010).