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Learning about phraseology from corpora: A linguistically motivated approach for Multiword Expression identification.

Multiword Expressions (MWEs) are idiosyncratic combinations of words which pose important challenges to Natural Language Processing. Some kinds of MWEs, such as verbal ones, are particularly hard to identify in corpora, due to their high degree of morphosyntactic flexibility. This paper describes a linguistically motivated method to gather detailed information about verb+noun MWEs (VNMWEs) from corpora. Although the main focus of this study is Spanish, the method is easily adaptable to other languages.

MultiNMT: Traducción automática neuronal mulltidireccional orientada al cliente.

Hizkuntza askoren arteko itzultzaile automatikoak sortu behar direnean, asko handitu daiteke itzultzaile horek kudeatzeko beharrezkoa den memoria eta baliabideen tamaina. Horrelakoetan saiatu behar da hizkuntza-eredu eleaniztunak sortzen. Hori da proiektu honen helburua .

Selecting Backtranslated Data from Multiple Sources for Improved Neural Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) has benefited from using synthetic training data originating from translating monolingual corpora, a technique known as backtranslation. Combining backtranslated data from different sources has led to better results than when using such data in isolation. In this work we analyse the impact that data translated with rule-based, phrase-based statistical and neural MT systems has on new MT systems.


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