Corpus-based computational semantics

This course has the following objectives:

i) To review the main resources used in semantic analysis. The resources include general lexical repositories like WordNet, Multilingual Central Repository, VerbNet, FrameNet, Ontonotes and DbPedia, and also somedomain-specific repositories. The course also reviews related corpora annotated (manually and automatically) with semantic information. We will cover resources in English, Basque and other languages.
ii) To present advanced techniques for dealing with themeaning of words, including disambiguation and similarity. We will closely examine disambiguation algorithms forcontent words (Word Sense Disambiguation) and proper nouns (Named Entity Disambiguation), as well as investigate algorithms for computing the semantic similarity between words and text (Semantic Textual Similarity).

Theme 1: Semantic resources.
Theme 2:Disambiguation methods.
Theme 3: Distributional semantics.

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